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Film, Media, Art History and Psychology. Currently working on the dissertation ‘To What Extent Did Van Gogh’s Mental Health Influence his Art?’

Artemisia Gentileschi was an Italian Baroque painter from the 17th century, written out of art history for years because she was a woman. Why does she paint the scene of Judith slaying Holofernes, and how does her rendition measure up to her more widely celebrated competition, Caravaggio?

*Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault and graphic depictions of blood and violence.

For years after Gentileschi’s death, it was debated whether she painted her own work or had male help, because in 17th century Rome, art was a man’s job; as by popular belief, women couldn’t paint. The only way they could receive formal…

While working on my dissertation about how mental health affected Van Gogh’s art, I researched his other influences. Vincent was a massive collector of Japanese prints, and here I briefly explore how it influenced his work…

Vincent’s Collection

Van Gogh was a keen collector of Japanese art prints, attracted by the bright colours and unique expressions of life, intrigued by a distant reality from a foreign land. He saw Japan as an ideal version of the world we live in. The prints themselves were not seen as high art in Japan, but aimed at the lower-class, a cheap alternative to ‘real art’…

My timeline of the main artistic movements from the western world, each summed up in a sentence. Dates are estimated as many are debated. *Article best viewed on a computer or laptop.

I wanted to put this together as an easy way to look over art movements, because it can be a daunting thing to start learning about straight away. This was the result, a way to identify what art movement certain pieces are from. This is limited to western art (Generally this means American and Western Europe).

Includes (28): Prehistoric, Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Realism…

The Mona Lisa is arguably the most famous painting in the world, but is this due to the mastery behind the painting, or rather the story and culture that surrounds it?

The Mona Lisa Today

Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452 in Italy, in a region called Vinci (hence his name literally translating to Leonardo of Vinci) near Florence. He was interested in art from an early age, and became an art apprentice of the painter Andrea del Verrocchio (who apparently gave up painting once seeing Leonardo’s talent).

After he left in 1478, Leonardo spent a few years working on artistic commissions for…

Peter Weir’s film ‘Dead Poets Society’ (1989) has been widely celebrated as a fantastic story about toxic masculinity, and the importance of dreams and aspirations. It has picked up an academy award and nominated for several others. I could speak for hours about this film, yet one part that particularly sticks out for me is Neil Perry’s death. It has a large impact on the whole piece, causing you to think about it for weeks, even months, after first watching it. …

Ash Blake

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